Faculty Development and Research Cell (FDRC)

This committee is formed to provide a facilitating centre to the faculty members for their professional development, encouraging academic deliberations on important socio-economic issues and for promotion of research culture in the institution. FDRC provides a single-window institutional arrangement for resources on seminars, workshops and conferences, rules, documentation and facilitation of approval of UGC, affiliatingUniversity and state government for research projects, study leave, FIP, and otherrelated matters. The committee also motivates the faculty members to participate in and present papers at State/National/International level seminars/workshops/conferences,undertake minor/major research projects, and pursue higher academic research qualification such as M.Phil. and Ph.D. FDRC is central to institutional research publication and promoting all forms of academic writings by the faculty members.


UGC Guidelines for Minor Research Project

UGC Guidelines for Major Research Project

UGC list of approved journals for CAS

Major conferences

UGC Faculty Research Promotion Scheme